Six B Food Industries Pvt Ltd is a golden sponsor in the Dawn Life Style Exhibition in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. We warmly congratulate our marketing department for such kind of events. We are participating in Dawn Life Style Exhibition in Karachi, for future anticipations like our Facebook Page,

Welcome to the House of Six-B Food Industries (Pvt.)Ltd

It is proud to be a Pakistan based company committed to provide quality products ranging from thirst quenching Fruit drinks, Instant drinks, Carbonated drinks, Energy drinks to a wholesome assortment of Beverages, Confectionery, Chocolates, & Sauces.

Our renowned brands have graced dining table across the country and are simultaneously popular in international market including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, U.S.A & Europe.

By the Grace of ALLAH, We Export our products to International Countries Including Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, South Arabia (KSA), UAE, UK and USA.

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